List of Mirrors

A complete list of mirrors is available at

Mirrors at provide a set of mirrors of some of the most used and important Free and open-source software.

If you think we have missed a project let us know at and we will see what we can do.

General Information

All mirrors are accessible via HTTP (at, HTTPS (at and FTP (at A selection of mirrors is also available via anonymous rsync (at rsync:// Please connect to that adress to get an up-to-date list on what is available.

All mirrors are updated at least daily.

Mirroring from us

We are primary mirror for MySQL, JPackage andOpenCSW, and we are one of the last sites still carrying the updates and patches from Lokigames. We are also the main country mirrors for Debian ( Feel free to mirror these from us (preferably via rsync).

At the moment it is generally not advisable to mirror any other of our mirrors, as we are sometimes quite far down in the mirroring hierarchy ourselves. We can also tell you which upstream hosts we are updating from -- just ask.

For a list of mirrors available via rsync, simply do a "rsync rsync://".